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Characteristics of Transport Services

Characteristics of Transport Services

Creation of Transport infrastructure requires time: - it is necessary to anticipate the demand on the transport system ahead of socio -economic changes. Some of the transport infrastructure requires more than one plan for its completion. Often the capabilities created in expanding transport network during one plan period are the results of the investments of made in earlier plans. Therefore two issues emerged out of it such as
(1) the need to complete all ongoing works to derive the maximum benefits from the earlier investments
(2) to make investments in transport sector keeping in view the long time frame perspective.

Transport infrastructure is capital intensive: - in view of the long gestation involved, transport development requires heavy investment. Massive investment is required is required for quality road construction, laying the railway lines and creation of rolling stocks, creation port facilities and ship building industry and terminal facilities. As social return is involved in the development of these facilities, private initiation is practically absent. For this purpose government initially develops most of the transport services.

Effective use of energy is a critically aspect of transport sector. :- Different modes of transport use different forms of energy with varying degree of efficiency and intensity. In this connection due weightage is being given while considering the choice among available alternatives. Development of transport largely depends on the availability of various forms of energy.

Development of transport is connected with the scientific and technological progress:- During past two hundred years the economic development in various regions of the world was possible only because of growth of transport network. The process of technological up-gradation has been very uneven in many areas, as a result some mode of transport has been advanced and frequently used by consumers while they don’t use at all some other modes of transport due to several; constraints.

Freight structure and cost of transportation influence transport services:-The transport pricing policy and subsidization of freight structure by and large influences the consumers decisions for choosing a particular transport mode. Often the transport demands are influenced by factors not necessarily confirming to patterns suggested by comparative cost considerations.

Security and speedier movement of goods is an important aspect of transport:- Security in travel and safe delivery of goods is the important considerations, which influences the user preference to various modes of transport. Timeliness in the movement of goods and door-to-door service influences the customers to pay more for utilising a particular transport service.

Significance of Transportation

Effective transportation is indispensable to economic progress. Mining, manufacturing, trade and banking and agriculture are also necessary, but these activities, like many others, depend upon transportation Without adequate facilities for moving goods and people from place to place, economic and social activities can be carried on in a limited way only. Using a mobility index that combines available data on transport facilities and movement of passengers and freight, Wilfred Owen finds out that immobility and poverty go together. The countries with low per capita had a mobility index for freight and passenger transport in single digits, whereas this index was significantly high in countries with high per capita income. Indeed, a more recent study finds out that every one-percentage growth in the Indian economy presumes a growth of 1.2 to 1.4 per cent in the transport sector.


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Often the capabilities created in expanding transport network during one plan period are the results of the investments of made in earlier plans. Therefore two issues emerged out of it

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