Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Peter Drucker on Entrepreneurship

Systematic Entrepreneurship

“The husband and wife who open another delicatessen store or another Mexican restaurant in the American suburb surely take a risk. But are they entrepreneurs? All they do is what has been done many times before.”

Purposeful Innovation
“Systematic innovation means monitoring seven sources for innovative opportunity.”

The Unexpected
“The unexpected success is not just an opportunity for innovation; it demands innovation.”

Process Innovation
“We may understand a process and still not have the knowledge to do the job.”

When Industry Structure Changes
“Four near-certain, highly visible indicators of impending change in industry structure can be pin pointed.”

Demographic Changes
“Static populations staying in one place for long periods of time have been the exceptions historically rather than the rule.”

Knowledge-Based Innovation
“Knowledge-based innovation has the longest lead time of all innovations.”

Bright Ideas
“Bright ideas are the riskiest and least successful source of innovative opportunities.”

Principles of Innovation
“Purposeful, systematic innovation begins with the analysis of the opportunity”

Entrepreneurial Policies
“How can overcome the resistance to innovation in the existing organization?”

Entrepreneurial Practices
“In business that want to create receptivity to entrepreneurships, special care is therefore taken that the opportunities are also attended to.”

Measuring Innovative Performance
“For a business to be receptive to entrepreneurship, innovative performance must be included among the measures by which that business controls itself.”

“To be an entrepreneur on the side rarely works.”

Where Can I Contribute?
“As a new venture develops and grows, the roles and relationships of the original entrepreneurs inexorably change. If the founders refuse to accept this, they will stunt the business and may even destroy it.”


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I have read this somewhere as stated by Professor Peter Drucker:
A study in physics makes you physists but the study of entrepreneurship does not make you an entrepreneur.